I believe photography is more than an art form. It’€™s an incredible tool, by which I am able to capture people’€™s unique personalities and tell a story of their love for one another. I love being able to capture the emotion felt by a bride as she sees how beautiful she is in the mirror; or a groom as his bride approaches him down the aisle.

I love working with people, making them laugh and capturing their relationships with one another. Our unique style is modern and classy, with a retro edge; which promises to deliver images you will love.

My goal as a photographer is to show beauty and love in its raw form. No posing, no set-ups, just real people who love life and one another. Building relationships with my clients is something I really enjoy and strive to achieve. From when you first sit down with me and talk about your big day, until many years after, I will always be there for you as a photographer and a friend.


I love what I do, and give all the credit to our Lord Jesus Christ, for giving me a talent in something I enjoy and can use to bless others with.

Alpha Dei Photography LLC was established in August of 2006.